Saturday, March 4, 2017

Free Ebooks March 5-11

Smashwords, my primary ebook distributor, is having a wonderful event. I have selected several of my books that you can get for either free or at deep discount.  This will only happen March 5-11, so jump on board!  Smashwords provides digital formats for all devices, including PDF.

I'd love for you to take advantage of this and tell all your friends!


M.R.  Hyde

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Return from Hiatus - New Story "Bag of Bones"

After a lengthy hiatus, due to the cancer journey and then death of my middle sister, I am now returning to blog occasionally. It's good to get back to writing and it helps to heal the soul.

Today I have published my latest long-short story, Bag of Bones, on Kindle and Smashwords (who distributes to all of the major e-book retailers).

Even though I wrote this story quite some time ago, I felt compelled to get it out now due to our current situation in America regarding immigrants. I think that this is an important story not only for that reason, but also for the importance of experiencing life as we haven't before for the purposes of transformation.

This is a theme that runs through all of my fiction and one that I am personally engaged in. I am never satisfied with the status quo as a human being nor a writer. As uncomfortable as it can be, running up against the unfamiliar is life-changing. I see myself and others differently and hopefully come out on the positive side of that change.

I invite you to enter the world of Calpurnia (yes, thank you Harper Lee) through the story Bag of Bones.

More in the future!

M.R. Hyde

Calpurnia lived alone in quiet and dull world only disrupted by her pesky co-worker Walter Sprang. Then one day Calpurnia woke up outside of her skin. This piece of long fiction explores through magic realism, and in homage to the Latin American fantástico tradition, the experience of one single, lonely women who enters the world of Mexico and is transformed by her encounters with border police, immigrants, the violent and the beloved.