Saturday, March 5, 2016

Catching Up and A Misspent God

Well, it has been some time since I posted. Due to a family illness, most of my extra time was absorbed in working through issues of their cancer, chemo, radiation, surgery and now recovery--thank God! Through this, I have been able to write very little and read alot. So, I've been filling up my tank, if you will. Outside of illness and other life-events, sometimes I have to let the creative tank empty out completely and then let it fill up slowly. It's just the nature of how I do art and writing.

Recently I've done several things including working on audio books (watch for announcements on that), finishing a short story about a woman who wakes up outside of her skin (entitled "Bag of Bone"s) and publishing a single short story "A Misspent God" via  Lulu distributes to most e-book retailers and this story is now available many places as well as the Apple iBookstore.

I really want folks to read this story because it is very important to me. It is important as a more mature story in the trajectory of my writing life and because it deals with the issue of powers, which are particularly heightened during this season of political campaigning. Here is the description of this story housed in the mythical world of gods.

Uldenvorg of the Mountain is a god who makes unusual choices regarding his powers. His striving with his father and battle with his sister Helgeror leads to massive upheaval in the lower realms as well as in the realm of the gods. Originally published in "Pockets and Other Unusual Stories", this single work of short fiction is a unique look at powers and how they can be used or disused.

It's just a couple of bucks and would make for a good afternoon read.

Take care!

M.R. Hyde